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Primero me gustaría que vieráis este material que se ha trabajado en otros cursos y que es muy interesante.

MATERIAL The Bulgarian national cinema

Aquí :

  1. https://englishc1.wordpress.com/2010/02/05/film-industry/
  2. MovieLanguage vocabulary
  3. VIDEO CON MATERIAL ESCRITO  http://www.euronews.net/2011/03/24/tributes-are-paid-to-elizabeth-taylor/

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TRAVEL-22nd March



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What is Global Warming and Climate Change?

Global warming and climate change refer to an increase in average global temperatures. Natural events and human activities are believed to be contributing to an increase in average global temperatures. This is caused primarily by increases in “greenhouse” gases such as Carbon Dioxide (CO2).

A warming planet thus leads to a change in climate which can affect weather in various ways, as discussed further below.


One of our students studied Sea  Science and she will speak about it next Tuesday.Have a look to the University web http://www.gcompostela.org/~pqukwfue/index.php?option=com_sobi2&sobi2Task=sobi2Details&catid=2&sobi2Id=9&Itemid=260

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EU Stereotypes

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The file is structured in 3 parts:
– The reading comprehension takes the greater part of it. It contains 3 authentic articles – 2 American and 1 Welsh. Don’t get frightened by the lists of words and expressions. For many of you they’ll be for future use, if you persist in studying English and want to use it for professional purposes. However, please try to read the articles and use some of their arguments to defend your point in class (the second hour we’ll try to ‘debate’).
There are also lists of sports in English with pictures and tables with the verbs that go with them

grammar reference
It deals with Passive Voice in English or passive structures. I don’t have the time in class to teach you grammar. Many of you must have studied it, but the reason to make you revise it is that the articles use passive structures profusely. They are typical in formal speech and especially for any kind of report, including in the media. A set of 3 exercises is also provided to assist you in testing your knowledge on Passives.

functional languageMake your point
This part introdices you to the language of debate and structuring a speech. I tried to use the same topic – sports and children. The register is a little bit higher for you, but the example is only for reference. More important are the lists of collocations most often used in discussions and debates, Pay attention to them and try to memorise some so you can use them during our second hour in class on Tuesday.

Why is PE important

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Memoria Visual cursos inglés oral .

No olvidar la entrega de trabajos por favor.Es importante .Aqui os dejo la memoria visual que estará colgada solo unas semanas .Gracias por vuestra participación en el curso y vuestras sugerencias.

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Last session.San Valentine

Hello to all,
I hope that you are having an excellent week!  For our last class, Monday, February 14th, we’ll have fun with Valentine’s Day.  I’m attaching 2 documents that we’ll be using in class that day.  One is a list of terms of endearment, while the other is an activity with conversation hearts.  You might want to consider using them in your own classes next week.  The activity that I’ve prepared is more advanced, of course, but it could be adapted for lower levels as well.
Here’s an example of what conversation hearts look like:  http://familyfun.go.com/assets/cms/pdf/printables/0109c_Conversation_Hearts_fin.pdf
Here are some hearts that you can use for this activity:  http://www.coloringcastle.com/pdfs/hearts/100-hearts.pdf
Also, here’s the movie trailer activity powerpoint that Pilar asked me to send you.  It is two pages; the first one was used by Ricardo for his class.
See you Monday!

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Trabajo a Presentar.

El 14 de Febrero es la última sesión de Kelly.En estos años que he estado en el Cep hemos tenido muchos cursos de práctica oral , pero sin duda  los de este año tanto de Ricardo como de Kelly han sido de gran altura y por eso os pido que por favor no faltéis a la última sesión porque ellos como ponentes han hecho un gran trabajo.
Respecto a futuros cursos  interesantes para vosotros , de momento solo puedo avanzaros que nos centraremos en :
  • El grupo de trabajo para crear materiales en español comenzará a mediados de Febrero.
  • la biblioteca se dinamizara´en breve y se está estudiando la posibilidad de hacer un club de lectura en idiomas ( Por favor devolver libros quien tenga en casa aún material )
  • Se harán jornadas intensivas  puntuales para preparación de convocatorias .-aulas europeas, cursos extranjero otoño, visitas de estudio.( VISITAS DE ESTUDIO ES MUY INTERESANTE Y MUCHOS DE VOSOTROS TENÉIS PERFIL PARA ELLO)
  • Se montará  PROBABLEMENTE  un super intensivo curso C1 en abril-mayo unas 4 semanas.
  • El de Metodología en inglés de momento queda pendiente hasta nueva orden
Si os interesa algo de esto poneros en comunicación conmigo.
Respecto al trabajo a presentar tras el curso
Entregarme en un periodo de 20 días un trabajo que trate los siguientes puntos:
1.Evaluación del curso.( a.tema más interesante, b.utilidad del curso y c.sugerencias para el futuro)
2.Una propuesta didáctica que puede ser :
a.Una unidad didáctica utilizando cualquiera de las temas tratados durante el curso.
b.Elegir cualquier de los temas tartados :
-Argumentar el motivo de la elección.
-Hacer una aplicación real en el aula .
-Valoración de la experiencia.

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7 th February .


7 feb 3

7 feb 3

February 7th, we’ll watch and talk about a few movie trailers and then discuss technology.  Here’s an interesting and current article that I annotated for you (though it says ‘Ricardo,’ I’m the one who made those comments… that’s technology, not always as flexible as we would like), as well as some questions that we’ll consider in our discussion.

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